Weekly Menus

Homely and appetizing meals

Cornford House provides traditional home cooked food using seasonal produce wherever possible. Our cook plans the menus with input from the residents and comments from residents’ meetings. A choice of meal is always available.  Special diets such as for diabetics are catered for.

Meals can be taken in the dining room or a resident can opt to have their meal on a tray in their own room. Mealtimes are a relaxed and leisurely affair to ensure residents gain full enjoyment from their food. Where residents have difficulty in feeding themselves sensitive assistance is offered by our carers who have all received training in food hygiene.
Our cook liaises with our activities co-ordinator to plan celebratory meals when the food is appropriately themed and the tables dressed for the occasion. These celebrations are much appreciated by the residents.

Resident nutrition is given a high priority to ensure optimum health and monitoring of weights is carried out on a monthly basis. Any significant weight gain or loss is investigated and brought to the attention of the resident’s own General Practitioner so that appropriate action may be taken. Weight loss is taken very seriously with full investigation into the cause and if indicated extra nourishing foods or prescribed supplements will be given.